Update to Our Customers and Partners

It’s been a week since my last note. I have to say that I’ve been in awe as I watch the world respond to COVID-19 in ways both big and small. In my own neighborhood, a sign-up sheet at the local market has been posted on the door asking for volunteers to deliver groceries to the elderly. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, finding a way to lend a hand while we shelter-in-place has made me feel even more connected to my community. 

At ForgeRock, we continue to look for additional ways to support our customers through this challenging business environment. Today, to ensure that our customers’ identity platforms are prepared for the changing business environment, we announced we’ll be providing a free remote performance check through June 30, 2020. We know our solutions help people safely and simply access the connected world. It’s more important now than ever before, as employees and consumers are relying on remote access to everyone and everything. With the remote performance check, we’ll help our customers assess whether their ForgeRock systems need any tuning adjustments to keep their operations running smoothly.  

For organizations that may be in need of a new modern digital  identity platform as they experience new challenges, there is a free 180-day evaluation version of our software available for download. 

Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you to arrange an appointment for the performance check. 

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