RSAC 2020 Video Interviews, Part 1

The MediaOps team was in full force at RSA Conference 2020, joining a crowd of practitioners, experts, analysts and others eager to catch up on the latest advances in cybersecurity and take the pulse of the market in general. As in years past, our Digital Anarchist video booth was popular among attendees, who stopped by to hear what our lineup of guests had to say.

In case you missed RSAC 2020, either in-person or during our livestream on Digital Anarchist, here are a few of my favorite video interviews conducted over the week. Stay tuned for more videos as well!

Cloud Security Pain Points

Jim Reavis, CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance, stopped by to discuss his organization’s most recent CSA Summit and some of the most pressing issues related to cloud, including pain points related to auditing, risk management and shared responsibility.

The Human Element and Business Value

Chris Riley, DevOps advocate at Splunk, discussed the Human Element of security (which was the theme of this year’s conference) and how the “people” problem of security and DevOps can be tied directly to the business value of an organization.

The State of IoT Security

Mike Nelson, vice president of IoT Security at DigiCert, discussed the state of IoT security and the increased awareness of risk for both consumer and enterprise IoT devices, and what organizations can do to reduce their chances of a network breach as a result of IoT.

Check back to Security Boulevard for more RSAC 2020 video collections. If you can’t wait, however, all of the videos are available for your viewing pleasure at Digital Anarchist.

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