New Feature: Automated Migration from AD to JumpCloud

automated migration from Active Directory to JumpCloud

The process of migrating a Windows® workstation from Active Directory® (AD) to JumpCloud® just got easier. Our Solutions Architecture team is excited to announce the Active Directory Migration Utility (ADMU), which automates the steps required to non-destructively convert a Windows domain account to a local user account and begin managing that account with JumpCloud.

For organizations that have been apprehensive about uprooting their existing AD infrastructure, the ADMU presents a new opportunity to complete the transition to the cloud. This new utility minimizes the time commitment, manual labor, and risk involved with implementing JumpCloud as a replacement for AD.

Using the ADMU, small-to-medium-sized enterprises can complete the transition to JumpCloud in anywhere from a few hours to a couple days. The result is a consolidated user and system management experience for admins, with end users barely noticing the change. Read on for more details about how the ADMU works and the tasks it automates.

Migrating Domain-Bound Systems to JumpCloud 

JumpCloud achieves its system management capabilities using a lightweight system agent that runs in the background and communicates with our core directory service. In order to avoid a situation where JumpCloud would compete with AD for authoritative control over a Windows machine, this agent won’t run on systems that remain bound to an AD domain. Because of this, a full transition to JumpCloud from AD requires that domain accounts be converted to local user accounts, which can then be taken over by the JumpCloud agent. The ADMU automates this entire process: You start with a domain-bound system and end with a JumpCloud-managed system, with the original user account and its attributes intact.

Diagram of how JumpCloud's Active Directory Migration Utility Works

Once a workstation has been migrated to JumpCloud, the user’s login experience doesn’t change, but the system now contacts your new cloud directory instead of AD as its authoritative source of truth for authentication. As an admin, you can now control the following functions remotely from JumpCloud’s web console:

  • Add the system to a system group and apply GPO-like policies across that group 
  • Toggle on multi-factor authentication at Windows system login 
  • Enforce new password complexity and (Read more...)

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