Manage Origin Offload and Egress Fees for Live and On-Demand

Origin offload has received more attention in the past few years as more customers have moved their origins to the cloud. As such, the cost to access data has become an important issue. To support this move, Akamai has developed Cloud Wrapper to provide customers with a way to securely connect to private and public cloud storage and compute platforms, while improving origin offload and lowering cloud egress costs. Customers can continue to rely on Akamai to deliver the highest-quality streaming, or fast game and software downloads, while reducing the burden of cloud costs.

To continue to support origin offload and reduce egress costs, Cloud Wrapper has a new feature called Footprint Analysis, which enhances prediction management and reporting of storage quotas and offload. The feature analyzes capacity and provides modeling and visibility into capacity levels that support cost efficiency. This self-serviceable tool is designed to help customers estimate the size of the reserved capacity they would require to achieve a targeted offload percentage. It is designed to understand the cacheability characteristics for content, customer traffic patterns, and cache usage. It also provides visibility into capacity and offload with interactive modeling to visualize cache sizing and offload impact. Customers can use predictive data to calculate potential cloud egress savings and adjust cache space on the fly. A dashboard provides a summary of all the metrics for each property and configuration.

Below is a view into the dashboard and the tool to model cache size to meet origin offload requirements.



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