It’s Past Time to Actively Stop Evil Hackers

Wall Street Journal, Letters to the Editor
February 29, 2020

Insecure communication systems let hackers infiltrate executive accounts remotely via phishing attacks or attacks on passwords or even on servers. (“Hackers Aid Rise in Wire Transfer Scam,” Business and Finance, Feb. 24). From there, they can learn and mimic the writing style of the target, and then masquerade as that individual to send digital instructions for wire transfers, file transfers, the sharing of privileged information, or whatever else they please. Your company’s fate is in the hacker’s hands.
It’s high time for responsible enterprises and smart individuals to move to secure systems of email communication. The evolution of encrypted email has made that move easy, affordable and highly effective. In today’s legacy systems, attackers can remotely log in from anywhere in the world. With well designed end to end encrypted systems, only verified senders and recipients can communicate, and only from their own devices. An attacker cannot log into their account remotely and wreak havoc. End-to-end encryption paired with device-centered keys instead of passwords and “trusted community” defenses means actual security, not the illusion of security.
We need a new mindset around digital communication or we are easy marks for hackers, scammers and loss. As individuals and enterprises, we are too far into this new age to be cavalier about its risks.
Sanjeev Verma,
Chairman, PreVeil

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