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From the day we started building Tala, we’ve been motivated to not only build the best possible product for our customers, but also to make it incredibly easy to use. 

For us, that’s meant three key things:

  1. Making it really easy for customers to test our product and see value quickly
  2. Making it easy for customers to deploy our product in their environments
  3. Making the most of the intelligence and analytics we produce. 

To that end, Tala has always taken an API-centric approach. Everything we consume in our own internal service was exposed via APIs and we’ve been selectively exposing many of these to our customers, enabling them to automate selected parts of our solution with their existing development pipelines as well as consuming the results of Tala analytics.

More integration, made easy

Integration is never a one-way street; over recent months, we’ve built several high-performance, native integrations with technologies like Apache, IIS, NodeJS, JBoss and other technologies that make it easy for customers to integrate Tala into their web applications. 

We recently obtained a certification with NGINX, one of the fastest-growing web server technologies. Now, companies that use NGINX in their production environments can very quickly and securely integrate Tala into their web applications via the certified NGINX Tala Module

And when customers started asking us to build integrations with other web application delivery technologies like WAFs, CDNs and networking devices, we built them too. Today, we are delighted to announce Tala’s integration with the CloudFlare service workers module. 

With this integration, CloudFlare customers with access to service workers will be able to deploy the Tala product as a service worker running in the CloudFlare edge. It provides all the functionality of Tala, except now there’s no need for customers to touch any part of their infrastructure. We’ve also built recipes for automation tools such as Phantom. 

More is more! Talk to us. 

At Tala, we’re committed to building more and more integrations with everything  from ticketing tools to process management tools, CICD and any of the web application delivery technologies you use. We want to make it easier than ever for our customers to deploy Tala – as well as maximizing the value they gain from all the intelligence we generate. 

We’re actively working with several new and existing partners that we’ll announce in the coming months. If you’re interested in working with us to integrate your technology with Tala, give us a shout! If you’re a Tala prospective customer and want to see us integrate with a specific technology, send us your suggestions! You can reach us here


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