How to remove the data security risk from file transfers

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The ability to communicate and share information – both inside and outside the organization – is key to the success of any modern business. Many industries have a requirement to request or share information for compliance purposes and some of that data will be sensitive in nature. For example, HR teams receiving copies of passports, driver’s licenses and bank details for new employees, healthcare organizations sharing patient details with partner services to facilitate care plans, or institutions sharing financial data in order to set up mortgages or loans.

The challenge for today’s IT teams is how to control the sharing of this information without obstructing legitimate day-to-day business and removing the cyber risk that goes along with it. Organizations that allow the use of free or unsecured file transfer services not only leave themselves vulnerable to data loss, ransomware and a whole range of other cyber threats, but they have no control or visibility of what information is being transferred and who receives it.

Choosing to block collaboration tools can be highly restrictive and when that happens employees inevitably end up finding other ways to share the information. The safest option is to implement a solution that allows IT teams to manage the risk and for the business to operate securely and, most importantly, remain compliant.

Clearswift ICAP Gateway and GoAnywhere MFT

Clearswift and HelpSystems came together in December 2019. The combination of Clearswift’s Secure ICAP Gateway and HelpSystems’ GoAnywhere product creates a compelling collaboration platform for the safe and secure sharing of important sensitive documents and large files.

The Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway, with its Deep Content Inspection (DCI) engine, multiple AV support, and unique Adaptive Redaction technology, inspects the information as it is uploaded or downloaded. The GoAnywhere managed file transfer solution transports the information to its destination, keeping it safe. Working together, the products offer industry-leading levels of automation, management and security. Any information transferred is only accessed by authorized parties (be those inside or outside the organization) and is clear of malicious threats. The solution is easy to set up and administer and can be hosted on premise or in the cloud.

Regain control

With so many employees using services such as Dropbox and WeTransfer, the loss of control can be a real problem for IT teams. Our integrated solution helps regain that control and allows collaboration and file sharing to take place without compromising security.

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