How to Get JumpCloud Approved by Your Boss

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Many IT admins are rushing to find effective methods for dealing with the global pandemic and its resulting effects on daily life. That is especially the case for admins looking for solutions to securely enable an entirely remote working scenario. 

JumpCloud® is uniquely positioned to support IT organizations when shifting their teams to a new remote environment. Additionally, its domainless approach ensures that end users can securely access virtually all their IT resources from home without friction.

The challenge for IT is that most organizations have shut down spending on new solutions. Below, we’ll go over ways for admins in this predicament to overcome such a challenge.

What JumpCloud Does for Remote Organizations

Given that decisions must be made quickly to keep up with the rapid changes happening in today’s IT environment, we’ll keep the approach simple and focused:

New Problems Need to Be Solved 

Most organizations are struggling to enact a secure model for remote work that connects users to their IT resources. With so much occurring outside of the traditional “domain”, most IT teams require a new way to secure and connect user access to their resources. 

A key part of controlling that access is ensuring that it’s done securely. Often that means securing the device being used to access applications, data, VPNs, and servers. This includes making sure that the user’s identity is verified through multi-factor authentication (MFA), the system and network they’re using is secure, and that their identity won’t be compromised via credential phishing or spear phishing.

Why JumpCloud Uniquely Solves Those Problems

With a cloud-based approach to access control and device management, JumpCloud is uniquely positioned to support this movement to remote work in a secure fashion. A domainless approach doesn’t require that admins be in the office to maintain or troubleshoot on-prem equipment, so they can focus solely on securing the resources their users need. 

Further, JumpCloud’s cloud directory services enable end users to connect to a wide variety of applications, Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms, and productivity suites like G Suite™, (Read more...)

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