Easily Migrate from Active Directory with New JumpCloud Tool

Among the core use cases of JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® is the capability to completely migrate away from on-prem Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD) to a fully cloud-based directory service. In the past, moving away from AD has been an arduous process and therefore unappealing to IT admins. That’s why the JumpCloud Solutions Architecture team has crafted a new tool: the JumpCloud Active Directory Migration Utility (ADMU).

What is the ADMU?

The ADMU allows IT admins to transfer existing AD users into JumpCloud using the Microsoft User State Migration Tool. This tool, which is bundled in the Windows® Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK), lets admins migrate domain profiles to new local profiles, running them both in parallel before migrating the user off the domain. The ADMU then takes this a step further, moving domain-bound systems from AD to JumpCloud.

How Does ADMU Work?

Once stood up, the ADMU transforms domain-bound Windows users into local users, which can then be loaded directly into JumpCloud from this state. The ADMU also unbinds said user and their system from the domain and installs the JumpCloud system agent. Once this process is complete, the admin can take full advantage of the JumpCloud directory service to manage their migrated users/systems.

The utility can be deployed at a large scale and in a number of ways, including an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), a command line interface (CLI), and PowerShell formats that can be utilized with PSRemoting to migrate multiple systems and profiles at once.


The ADMU was designed to facilitate the transfer of Active Directory-bound users and systems off the domain and into JumpCloud. Before ADMU, this process was painstaking, forcing admins to carry out several arduous manual tasks just to get a user and system migrated off of their AD domain, much less inserted into JumpCloud. With ADMU, this process is largely automated, with multiple implementation methods for admins of any technical skill level.

Once their users are migrated from AD into JumpCloud, admins can start taking advantage of all the JumpCloud platform has to offer. Directory-as-a-Service is the world’s (Read more...)

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