British Had a Laugh at Rommel’s 1942 Crude Propaganda Attempts

PsyWar hosts a photo gallery with some interesting history, such as this one from WWII:

Indian troops in the Egyptian desert get a laugh from one of the leaflets which Field Marshal Erwin Rommel has taken to dropping behind the British lines now that his ground attacks have failed. The leaflet, which of course are strongly anti-British in tone, are printed in Hindustani, but are too crude to be effective. (Photo was flashed to New York from Cairo by radio. Credit: ACME Radio Photo)

See also, headlines from Operation Torch reporting how badly Rommel was routed by the British:

Rommel was often beset by communications and supply failures, his troops ultimately crushed and abandoned by him in 1943. This ended his personal role in spread of horrors from fascism:

…empowered to “take executive measures against the civilian population”, Nazi jargon for robbery, murder and enslavement.

His “famous reputation” of strategy was nonetheless highly spun by Nazi military intelligence and shifted north in an attempt to “morale boost” troops facing defeat in European campaigns.

A couple years after his failures in North Africa and Europe he was coerced into suicide by state threats to kill his entire family, covered up by propaganda claiming he died from battle wounds.

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