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SBN Between the Lines of AWS Directory Service Pricing

Pricing for directory services that aren’t Active Directory® can differ from vendor to vendor. Depending on the size and scale of your enterprise, one option may enable greater savings over another. Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) in particular has a unique pricing equation, so it helps to understand exactly how you will be charged.

First of all, it’s important to differentiate between AWS Directory Services and a traditional directory service. The former is generally a tool for managing users on AWS virtual machines (generally Windows®) in the AWS Cloud, and the latter manages user identities (ideally) across all or most IT resources. Since AWS Directory Service is essentially Active Directory under the covers (depending upon which version you choose), generally you’re tied to AWS Windows server and their desktop-as-a-service solution, Workspaces. Connecting users to a wide range of other IT resources can be a struggle because of the hosted AD service’s location and platform preferences.

Coming back to pricing, the cost of AWS Directory Service is based on a per-hour charge. It comes in two editions, Standard and Enterprise, and allows you to set up your user directory in a single AWS account. The complicating factor is that AWS tiers their solution by the number of directory “objects” you have. This can be confusing and can change a great deal over time. If you need redundant domain controllers, you’ll need to pay for that as well – essentially an up-charge of 50% per DC that you provision and integration.

AWS does allow you to have their managed AD service cut across multiple AWS accounts and Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). Note, however, that either way, you’re paying for the privilege.

And that payment can become substantial. First, there’s a sharing charge — also hourly — for each additional AWS account you decide to enroll. And while there is a 30-day limited free trial – not an unlimited free account, directory sharing does not qualify for it. You’ll also want to note that you’ll be charged slightly more for all of the offered services if you’re (Read more...)

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