Announcing: Hysolate + CyberArk Integration to Protect Privileged Users from Cyber Threats

Hysolate is excited to announce a new technical integration with CyberArk, the global leader in Privileged Access Management. Our customers leverage Hysolate’s modern secure workstation software platform to run multiple isolated operating systems on a single device with a unified and seamless user experience. In speaking with our customers, I have found that many of them are also CyberArk customers, so it goes without saying that there has been high demand for an out-of-the-box integration for the two solutions.

Many Hysolate customers have deployed the solution as a Privileged Access Workstation (PAW) solution, isolating access to high-value resources from a dedicated operating system. From this dedicated operating system, privileged users securely access CyberArk to ultimately gain access to sensitive resources.

A core component of the Hysolate platform is the Hysolate Management Server, the central management console which enables the Hysolate administrator to set and monitor policies, manage Hysolate blueprints, and maintain visibility of the Hysolate deployment across thousands of devices. As a critical system, best practice for accessing the Hysolate Management Server (HMS) is to maintain strict privileged account security controls for any HMS administrators. These controls are provided with the new integration between CyberArk and Hysolate.

Hysolate now has an out-of-the-box integration with the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution. This integration enables Hysolate customers to manage access to Hysolate Management Server through the CyberArk solution. Hysolate administrators can now securely access the HMS with all of the security benefits provided by CyberArk including: secure credential management according to policy, privileged session recording, privileged session monitoring, etc.

This integration is now available to CyberArk and Hysolate customers via the CyberArk Marketplace. We encourage joint customers to download the integration today.

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