The High Ground

By Charles Strauss, Senior Brand Copywriter, Corelight

Introducing Corelight’s new story + the value of NTA

From the Greek Acropolis to the Space Race, defenders have sought the high ground. Up there, you can see the whole landscape. You know what matters, and where dangers lurk. The change in altitude gives you an advantage when fighting off attacks, amplifying your strengths and diminishing attackers. What’s more, it endures, perennially useful and powerful.

To reach the high ground in cybersecurity, you need network traffic analysis. After all, it isn’t easy to notice subtle patterns in network noise, or stop exfiltration just before it happens. Blue teams can use NTA to gain expansive insight into their environments, and respond to threats efficiently and precisely. 

Corelight captures, interprets, and connects the data that means everything to defenders. Our highly structured data accelerates your team and your technology, closing visibility gaps and capturing evidence directly from the best source: the network. Corelight’s platform can give you lasting advantage because it’s built on open-source Zeek, the global standard for network monitoring and visibility that’s evolved and persisted for decades.

Whether you’re a footsoldier or a tier-one analyst, a commanding view helps you outsmart and outlast adversaries. With Corelight, you can hold the high ground – today and tomorrow.

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