Join Us For Shape’s App Security & Fraud Summit

One final reminder! Shape’s App Security & Fraud Summit — Virtual Event — is tomorrow, February 12, 2020 / 9:00 am PT. Join us as top cybersecurity and fraud leaders dive deep into the latest attacks, tools, and trends you need to know to protect your web and mobile applications in 2020.  Tune in, you won’t be sorry! 

The App Security & Fraud Summit’s mission is to share ideas, insights, and connections that have the power to transform the industry. The lineup of speakers represents key voices that will help attendees better understand and prepare for new threats and trends. The last place you want to learn about a new cyberattack is in the news. Because by then, it’s too late.

Join hundreds of your peers for this important event and hear from some of the industry’s most dynamic minds, including: 

  • Tara Seals, Senior Editor, Threatpost
    • Critical Infrastructure Attacks: Between Apocalypse and Reality 
  • Dan Woods, VP Shape Intelligence Center
    • Manual Fraud to Genesis: Beyond Automation Attacks on Applications
  • Mike Plante, CMO, Shape Security
    • Shape Security Predictions 2020 Report: Emerging Threats to Application Security
  • Smriti Jaggi, Threat Intelligence Analyst, Shape Security
    • Compromised Credentials, Customer Satisfaction, and Your Bottom Line
  • Jarrod Overson, Director of Engineering, Shape Security
    • Credential Stuffing 2020
    • Attacker Economics: Hacker Cost vs Value
  • Wesley Hales, Director Partner Solutions, Shape Security
    • Magecart & Other Application Code Attacks: Digital Skimming, Fraud & PII Theft

Click here to sign up for sessions that will help your organization enhance application security and fraud prevention.

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