Explore the boundaries of the human element with Bitdefender at RSA 2020

One year back, Bitdefender was featured in Dark Reading’s series Cybersecurity and the Human Element: We’re All Fallible. At that time, we provided our perspective on the fallibility for end users, security leaders, security analysts, IT security administrators, programmers, and attackers. Fast forward to today, RSAC 2020 Trend Report singles out the human element as the main trend in cybersecurity in 2020, and themes RSAC 2020 event around it:

Of the nearly 2,400 submissions, we saw ‘human element’ embraced across sectors and silos, with challenges and successes of human behavior intertwined within discussions of data, threats, risk, privacy, management and teams.”

But the topic is not recent.

15 years back, Kevin Mitnick, arguably the most notorious hacker in history, now turned white-hat and businessman, wrote that people, not technology, are the weakest link in security. In his bestselling ‘The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security; (2005),’ he proved social engineering can lead to large-scale breaches even without advanced hacking tools.

Unsurprisingly, phishing is the leading attack vector as employees are tricked into opening attachments or clicking links by increasingly well-designed fraud emails that even the trained eye sometimes fails to spot.

As a result, security consultants, advisors and analysts continue to single out security awareness training as one of the most critical actions any company can take to prevent breaches. Can industry vendors step in for an organization when security trainings fail? Yes, and Bitdefender is relentlessly working to fill that gap with its end-to-end breach avoidance approach.

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From agility to fragility

The desire to rapidly expand and adopt new technologies is a ticking security bomb that often chafes on internal teams.

The top security concern across organizations is the excess of tools and complexity that often leaves cracks in the wall that hackers can squeeze through. IT has a hard time managing different agents and separate security management platforms. And since the IT department normally has to handle more than just security, admins find themselves overwhelmed with tasks and often fail to respond quickly when an unsuspecting user has clicked on the wrong link.

The risk is often exacerbated by the expansion of the attack surface caused by rapid IoT adoption and the never-ceasing migration to cloud. Often, neither IoTs nor cloud are secured immediately after the organization adopts them.

Addressing the human element through end-to-end-security

Bitdefender has embarked on a journey to protect and help employees, the most fragile security pillar in an organization, by bringing together hardening and risk analytics, prevention, detection and response under the same roof, as part of its end-to-end breach avoidance strategy. Our goal is to help IT departments spend less time on security, and to intervene when IT has limited reaction time.

A mix of over 30 prevention machine learning algorithms automatically stop more than 99% of attacks across the infrastructure, offloading monitoring and response from the admin.

A single solution covers end-user devices, servers, cloud workloads, network and even secure IoTs. Multiple awards from endpoint, network and cloud capabilities prove this concept to be not only comprehensive, but also effective across the board.

What we call our end-to-end breach avoidance strategy is an answer in many cases when the human element in an organization fails.

Security skills shortage, or the absence of the human element

During RSAC 2020, Bitdefender is also pre-announcing its own security operations center, a reaction to the severe talent shortage in the market.

CISOs struggle with ever-more urgency to identify security candidates, match high salary expectations and train them to internal procedures, only to see security experts leave every few months. Bitdefender is looking to relieve customers of this burden by offering both tools and expertise in its very own 24/7 SOC. Instead of struggling to find and keep security experts, our customers can simply rely on Bitdefender’s forensics experts to monitor and respond 24/7 to every security incident in their organization. This much-needed outsourcing of security leaves more room for the business to grow.

In 2020, RSAC explores the boundaries of the human element in cybersecurity, such as the pitfalls of toxic working environments, or the potential impacts when cybersecurity and engineering experts fail to leave their egos at the door.

Bitdefender is joining the fight by relentlessly pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity platforms to step during the inevitable stumbles of the human element.

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Note: Bitdefender is the first security platform in the industry to unify prevention, detection, response, hardening and risk analytics across endpoint, network and cloud. With GravityZone™, Bitdefender’s end-to-end breach avoidance platform, IT can employ a single agent, single console across the infrastructure, and effectively contain breaches with no management overhead. It’s a single security strategy for the entire device spectrum, physical, virtual and cloud, regardless of OS, hypervisor or cloud platform. Even IoT risk is contained with agentless security via network traffic analytics.

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