And Then There’s This

via InformationWeek’s DarkReading blog – and written by Corey Nachreiner, comes a rather dire warning of the inevitable movement of ransomeware toting miscreants targeting cloud deployments… Ignore the fear,ladies and gentlemen, and remediate the fundamentally flawed security infrastructure you’ve migrated to the web whilst comfortably enveloped in the vainglorious effort to ‘digitally transform‘ your ‘environment.

‘As cloud services become increasingly critical to more businesses’ daily operations, ransomware authors will follow to maximize profits. The good news is that the cloud can be secured with many of the same best practices that apply to physical networks. Make every effort to keep your cloud deployments safe and secure today. In the future, you might be glad you did.’ – via InformationWeek’s DarkReading blog and scribed by Corey Nachreiner

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