We’re Hiring! Get Out of the Sarlacc Pit by Brian Contos

If you’re a security geek, misfit, rebel or outcast with a disdain for the security industry’s status quo, want to make a mark and understand our “Sarlacc Pit” reference – Verodin wants you.

If you love security, building awesome tech companies, working with cool people in an atmosphere that doesn’t suck and solving complex problems that actually make organizations safer, Verodin is the place to be.

Right now we’re looking for sales engineers and security engineers in the Washington, DC and San Francisco Bay areas.

  • If you’re a sales engineer with at least ten years of security experience, thrive in enterprise deals and have startup DNA, drop us a line at [email protected]. Bonus points if you’ve ever played the drums while on fire.
  • If you’re a security engineer with at least ten years of experience that loves to integrate products, play with APIs, dreams about Python, Ruby and shell and geeks out over cool code, ELK and building awesome stuff that impresses nobody else but you, drop us a line at [email protected]. Bonus points if you’ve ever played poker with someone that has the first name of a city; double bonus points if you beat them.

About us

Verodin safely instruments security on your enterprise network, dynamically assessing the cumulative effectiveness of your entire security portfolio. With Verodin, you can observe and adjust real responses to real attack traffic without ever putting production systems in danger. Verodin lets organizations see how security controls will respond to attacks in advance, so defenses continually improve and measurably mature over time. Verodin quickly finds weak spots, eliminates costly uncertainties and builds stronger, smarter and more valuable security teams. Verodin dramatically improves the return on your security investments and gives you the empirical data you need to make better decisions down the road. Learn more at

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