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It was great getting together last night with the rest of the team at Figueira Rubaiyat restaurant in Sao Paulo Brazil. We discussed the strong customer demand for security instrumentation in Brazil.

Like in many parts of the world, organizations in Brazil are hurting because of a poor level of security effectiveness. Time, money and other resources are being expended without strong results and it’s costing way too much money.

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There are simply too many assumptions regarding security controls and not enough answers to the basic questions. For example, are we blocking malicious activity, are we detecting it, are alerts being created and delivered to correctly, and are SIEMs correlating this data in order to mount an effective response?

Customers in Brazil are already identifying a number of strong use cases involving Verodin SIP such as:

  • Identifying and removing redundant or legacy security tech that isn’t providing value thus saving money and reducing resource drain
  • Expanding the useful life of existing security investments that can continue to provide value
  • Maximizing POC efficiencies – especially around choosing the best endpoint security solutions
  • Validating and tuning email security controls
  • Reducing the time spent optimizing resource-intensive solutions like DLP and SIEM
  • Training security teams with realistic war gaming to increase effectiveness and improve processes

The introduction of security instrumentation to Brazil is long overdue. Verodin is excited to be helping to drive this transformation.

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