Verodin Takes On Brazil by Brian Contos

Do you like security? Do you like steak? Do you like Blanka for Street Fighter? Well then Mind the Sec (MTS) Sao Paulo Brazil is the place for you.

On September 12th and 13th, team Verodin USA and team Verodin LATAM will converge at MTS. This year’s MTS has keynotes from Cylance CEO, Stuart McClure and from Kaspersky CEO, Eugene Kaspersky. There are a ton of great technical and managerial talks at MTS this year with experts from around the world. Somehow, I got lucky enough to deliver a talk too.

My presentation is titled, “Instrumenting Security: So your security doesn’t suck.” I’ll be delivering it at 12:00 noon on September 13th.

My talk is less of a talk and more of a live attack demonstration where I’ll be showing how to use actual attack behaviors live Bartalex, Vawtrak, Mimikatz, PowerShell, Tunneling, and others to validate your security products are working. I’ll also be sharing some statistics from the Verodin Security Effectiveness Report that illustrate the state of security effectiveness across endpoint, network, cloud and email security controls.

The Verodin team will be at the booth with our partner Apura. Apura’s CEO, Sandro Süffert, will also be on one of the panels. If you are interested in seeing the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform in action simply stop by the booth or set up a 1:1 demo in our executive briefing center which is located next to the showroom floor. Just visit our booth to set up the private demo time.

In addition to the MTS event, Verodin will be traveling Brazil for about two weeks. We have a number of customer meetings, lunch and learns and briefings. I’ll be eating at a lot of Churrascarias, taking a lot of photos at our customer events, and hopefully will have the energy to blog about all of it. So, stay tuned to the Verodin blog for updates on Verodin in Brazil.

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