Verodin Friday Fun: “Napflix” Soothes CISOs with Stunningly Boring Videos by

At Verodin, we eat, sleep and breathe security instrumentation, so SOC teams can get the data they need to figure out what’s working – and what’s not – in their enterprise defense stacks.

But sometimes we just need a nap. When we do, we head on over to Napflix.

Thanks to our friends over at Lifehacker who dug up this Internet gem, stressed-out security pros can finally find a moment of Zen, anytime. Napflix carefully curates tedious, quiet, yet strangely beautiful video content that’s designed to help you fall asleep, no matter how many LCD widescreens you’ve wired up in your cubicle.

The site includes videos of people fishing, community association meetings, and our personal favorite, the dishwasher. (Full cycle, of course: one hour and six minutes.)

You’re welcome.

…..your friends at Verodin.

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