Verodin at the MITRE 7th Annual Secure and Resilient Cyber Architectures Invitational by Thomas Leduc

Former colleagues, those curious about Verodin and Security Instrumentation Platforms (SIP), or folks wanting to experience my legendary monotone voice first hand, come by and pay me a visit on May 9th, 2017 at the Verodin booth. Afraid of my voice’s soothing properties? No worries, some of Verodin’s most charismatic developers will be there as well too.

As the title implies, this McLean, Virginia MITRE event is all about furthering the concept and frameworks behind Cyber Resilience. The concept of Cyber Resiliency is gaining traction because it brings InfoSec and business continuity together. Blending these concepts improves an organization’s ability to operate despite adverse cyber events. If executed properly, Cyber Resiliency frameworks enable organizations to manage information security more like traditional business units.

The Verodin team will be talking about how SIPs help address the various tracks in the event including measuring the effectiveness of cyber resiliency, architecting for resiliency, etc.

There are also going to be some great speakers.

  • Bobbie Stempfley, Director of Cyber Security Implementation, MITRE Corp,
  • Mark Maybury, VP & CSO, MITRE Corp,
  • Sounil Yu, SVP & Directory of Security Innovation, Bank of America,
  • George Cybenko, Dorothy and Walter Gramm Professor of EngineeringDartmouth College, &
  • Kristen J. Baldwin, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering (DASD(SE)), Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (OUSD(AT&L))

It’s going to be a great event; we’re looking forward to seeing everyone.

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