Verodin and Cisco Live Day II by Brian Contos

Another strong day at Cisco Live Las Vegas. The Verodin team did an awesome job demoing Verodin SIP to the attendees. We had an almost endless group of folks wanting to get their eyes on the tech and the Verodin team simply crushed it hour after hour.

There was lots of interest in use cases tied not only to validating security efficacy but also validating configuration changes. People want to ensure that devices are not only configured to work as desired but also validate that when a change is made such as a new firewall rule, IPS signature, or SIEM rule, that those configuration changes actually work.

Verodin SIP addresses such fundamental and intuitive requests: tell me what’s wrong, tell me how to fix what’s not working, allow me to validate those fixes and provide me a platform to measure and trend my security effectiveness and ROI over time.

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