Verodin and Anomali at Detect 2017 by Brian Contos

I’m excited to travel to D.C. this week to present at the Anomali Detect 2017 in National Harbor, Maryland on September 20-22.

Be sure to come check out my talk on Friday, September 22nd at 2:10 PM.

Anomali helps organizations find and respond to cyber threats. They bring external context to security teams so they can identify suspicious or malicious traffic before it reaches their network.

Verodin helps organizations validate their security effectiveness and provides configuration assurances by providing a platform to safely execute and measure the impact of real attacks on production environments across endpoint, email, network, and cloud.

It’s no wonder why the pairing of Anomali’s externally-focused cyber threat capabilities with the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform or SIP makes sense for the operationalization and personalization of intelligence.

For more detail on the value of bringing together threat intelligence and SIP, check out a blog I wrote titled “Inadequate Intelligence Integration” where I stated that threat intelligence doesn’t have to be an academic pursuit or a lagging indicator.


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