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The KGB, Clif Bars, and Peer 150 by Brian Contos

Last night, I attended a Peer 150 Cybersecurity event that was hosted at the Clif Bar headquarters in San Francisco.

The evening started with a cocktail hour and was followed by an awesome tour of the Clif Bar facility by Todd Wilson, SVP Information Technology. Clif has an amazing, environmentally friendly and employee friendly office and a great story outlined in the book: Raising the Bar. A big thanks to Todd and the folks a Clif for hosting the event.

There were security executives and security companies from around the Bay Area. And after spending about an hour getting to meet the attendees, exchange business cards, and catching up with old friends, we were treated to a fascinating presentation by Jack Barsky – former deep-cover KGB Spy living in the United States that was recently on 60 Minutes and wrote a book titled:  Deep Undercover – My Secret Life and Tangled Allegiances of a KGB Spy in America.

Mr. Barsky is a very dynamic and passionate speaker and if you ever have the chance to hear him discuss his time with the KGB you should take the opportunity to listen. Particularly interesting were his perspectives on the Cold War, Cybersecurity, Putin, Trump, and Snowden.

The Verodin team is looking forward to the next Peer 150 event.

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