Structure Security at Verodin – Be There or Be [ ] by Brian Contos

This Tuesday, September 26th at 10:45 am, in San Francisco, I’ll be giving a presentation and demonstration at Structure Security. The focus of my session will be how Security Instrumentation can validate that your security stack is effective and that you are actually getting value from your security investments.

Learn how Fortune 500s and government organizations are using security instrumentation to:

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  • Measure, manage, and improve cybersecurity effectiveness
  • Stop managing security by assumptions
  • Avoid security tool overload, prioritize future investments and pick the best security solutions for their environments

With security instrumentation, organizations are able to continuously validate their security effectiveness, achieve configuration assurance and tune their solutions prescriptively. This is why red teams, blue teams, purple teams, auditors, and executives are so excited about instrumenting security. It gives them “real ROI” with quantitative measurements and helps automate the process of continuously improving the entire security stack across people, processes, and technology.

See you there!

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