Sleep-as-a-Service Redefining SaaS

Cyber threats do not keep business hours. It is always 10am somewhere in the world, and attackers don’t know or care what your business hours even are. Most attacks are automated and ransomware, phishing attacks, and other malware and exploits can happen at any time. That is why it’s crucial to have 24/7 vigilance—and why many CISO’s and IT security managers don’t get much sleep.

Cybersecurity that Keeps You Up at Night

Is your network secure? Is your data protected? What about zero-day exploits and emerging threats? Is your cybersecurity infrastructure going to be adequate to defend against cutting edge attacks you haven’t even anticipated?

Organizations invest significant amounts of time, money, and effort in cybersecurity—researching and purchasing tools and platforms that can defend against the latest threats. They work diligently to integrate disparate solutions into some sort of cohesive security posture—struggling to effectively monitor and respond to the constant deluge of security events.

It’s a game of “ cat and mouse,” though, and it’s a constant challenge for companies to stay a step ahead of attackers. There is a persistent—and completely valid—concern that the next attack might slip through the cracks and you might be the victim of a ransomware attack or data breach that puts your company in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

SaaS – Sleep-as-a-Service

Effective cybersecurity requires having the right platform, combined with relevant threat intelligence and trained cybersecurity experts to take action when necessary. Most organizations don’t have the tools or expertise necessary to identify emerging threats or monitor for potential security incidents around the clock. That’s why it’s challenging to sleep peacefully.

That’s where Alert Logic comes in. SaaS is usually used as an acronym for “Software-as-a-Service,” but Alert Logic also offers another version: “Sleep-as-a-Service.”

In spite of the investment of resources in cybersecurity, most organizations are ill-equipped to defend against attacks. The reason that cybersecurity keeps CISOs and IT security managers up at night is that they aren’t confident they’ve selected the best cybersecurity solutions in the first place, and they know that they don’t have the right skills and experience to effectively monitor for and respond to threats as they arise.

Is your network secure? Is your data protected? The uncertainty makes it hard to sleep. Alert Logic solves that problem, though. We have the platform, the intelligence, and the experts necessary for effective cybersecurity. We have threat intelligence to detect trends and identify emerging threats, and we have a 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Center) with expert cybersecurity analysts monitoring your network around the clock to detect and respond to security incidents as they happen.

There is no such things as perfect security. The goal of effective cybersecurity is not to prevent 100% of attacks—but to minimize the dwell time of attacks and respond as quickly as possible to prevent or minimize damage from an attack. With Alert Logic on your side, CISOs and IT managers have confidence in their security posture and they can sleep soundly.

That is Sleep-as-a-Service. You’re welcome.

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