Shape Officially Joins F5 to Defend Every App from Fraud and Abuse

Online applications run the world today. Apps power how we interact, how we learn and grow, where our data lives, and how value gets exchanged between brands, customers and partners. In many respects, apps have become the fabric of our economies, our governments, and our daily lives. So it shouldn’t be surprising that from a cybercriminal’s perspective, apps represent the single most lucrative set of targets in the world, with estimated online fraud losses projected to exceed $48 billion per year by 2023. 

F5 and Shape are joining forces to transform how we protect the world’s applications. We have a unique view on this topic: we believe the platforms that serve, deliver and enable applications are in the best position to defend those applications, especially as the attacker arms race continues to escalate. As parent company to both NGINX and Shape, F5 is positioned to become the most important application enabler in the world, and the best suited to augment and enhance application security for organizations all over the world. 

What does our vision for the transformation of application security look like? In brief:

  • The delivery of security outcomes, not merely more tools 
  • Effective, accurate defenses powered by a proven, robust AI engine 
  • Support for customers’ real-world heterogeneous applications, including hybrid cloud, any cloud, or even multi-cloud environments

F5 and NGINX power over half of the world’s applications across all types of environments. Shape’s AI-powered platform mitigates more than a billion application attacks per day. When you combine these forces, you have the full range of application delivery and security capabilities under one banner, with best-in-class technology across the entire code-to-customer value chain. We believe that makes F5+NGINX+Shape the ultimate company for application delivery, enablement, and security — and absolutely essential to every organization.

The public cloud is an important part of our strategy. Some of the world’s leading banks, airlines, retailers, and others already rely on F5+NGINX+Shape to deliver and defend applications running in public cloud environments. The public cloud is one of the pillars of modern application development, providing capabilities like compute resources, content delivery, data storage, and other essential services that previously required point solutions from disparate vendors. F5’s code-to-customer solution set, including NGINX and Shape, complements public clouds and supports hybrid cloud and multi-cloud application scenarios. As a result, developers can rely on F5 as a powerful layer of abstraction regardless of where their applications reside – today or tomorrow. 

What does this transformation of application security mean for security, fraud and business leaders?  We believe it means dramatically improved business outcomes, including: 

  • Slashed losses due to fraud and abuse
  • Better application performance and uptime
  • Measurable cost savings for hosting and bandwidth costs

It also means freeing up capacity among critical security staff to focus on strategic security challenges, while we take care of defending your applications.

In order to evade detection and mitigation, threat actors are continually innovating and evolving their automation-based attacks to look more and more like real organic human traffic, passing Turing tests like CAPTCHA with ease using AI-based tools. We believe this trend will evolve  into criminals weaponizing AI innovations to enhance their attacks on applications.

That’s why we plan to leverage the Shape AI platform across the entire F5 code-to-customer unified architecture, delivering increased visibility, insights, orchestration, and automation.

We’re already hard at work on these products. Your first opportunity to learn more is our upcoming webinar entitled Transforming Application Security: F5 and Shape Join Forces to Crush Fraud and Defend Your Apps. Reserve your seat today. 

The mission for the combined company is the same as it has always been for Shape: to defend every app from attack, fraud and abuse, and to delight our customers. 

We’re truly excited to be joining the F5 family and looking forward to the journey ahead. 

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