Making Your Cybersecurity Team the Best of the Best with SIP by Brian Contos

Fighter pilots practice. Athletes practice. Musicians practice. But what about cybersecurity professionals?

Take a look at this Verodin Office of the CISO Brief on leveraging Security Instrumentation Platforms (SIPs) for cybersecurity practice.

This brief will explore various areas Verodin SIP can help with your cybersecurity talent such as:

  • Interviewing and hiring the best: can I hire the best and make them, in a very Top Gun way, the best of the best
  • Practicing safely with real attacks, in your production environment, with your security controls, and your people: can I get continuous, real-life results – and kill annual whiteboard sessions that have never worked
  • Assessing effectiveness: can I highlight gaps across people, process, and technology and prioritize changes
  • Evaluating if changes have increased or decreased security effectiveness: are we getting better or worse
  • Knowing, not assuming, that your cybersecurity team is prepared: can I definitively and with evidence-based results answer the question, “are we ready”

For more information about using Verodin SIP to improve your cybersecurity talent take a look at this Verodin Office of the CISO Brief.

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