IntelliGO Acquired by ActZero

It’s not often we get to make an announcement quite this exciting: IntelliGO Networks has been acquired by ActZero, a Palo Alto-based artificial intelligence company! You can check out the press release here.

This partnership means incredible things for our clients, partners, and employees! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how the acquisition might impact you, the relationship between machine learning and Managed Detection and Response, and how this impacts the cybersecurity business at large. First, a few key details about the acquisition:

  • We will retain our name, IntelliGO Networks Inc., and remain independently operated.
  • Our president, leaders, and rest of the team are thrilled to be staying on, to continue to deliver world-class cybersecurity!
  • Our offering has not changed — we still offer Managed Detection and Response, Incident Response, and Virtual CISO services for the mid-market enterprise.
  • We will benefit from significant financial investment to continue to hire developers and cybersecurity thought leaders to disrupt the cybersecurity landscape.
  • We gain the added benefits of ActZero’s highly experienced team, hailing from both Silicon Valley start-ups and global enterprises including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Akamai, and Ernst & Young!
  • The ActZero team members are experts in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which has profound applications within cybersecurity and will both differentiate IntelliGO’s MDR offering and disrupt the MDR and MSSP markets.

Why Does Machine Learning Matter for MDR?

Central to “pure-play” MDR technology is the ingestion of data – logs from endpoints, network technology, security technology, and more. Machine learning allows us to continuously improve in identifying new factors that indicate compromise earlier on, because it can process more data than a human can, and it can do so faster. It’s great at uncovering patterns within potentially relevant indicators.

Of course, that also means improved performance and results, such (Read more...)

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