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SBN I’m Speaking at RSA Conference 2020: “Breaking Bad AI”

Session Code: MLAI-T12
Title: Breaking Bad AI — Closing the Gaps Between Data Security and Science

DevOps Experience

Date: 02/25/2020
Time: 3:40 PM – 4:30 PM

If you have AI/ML projects and aren’t sure how to validate their safety, this presentation is for you. Don’t let another AI project go forward without security assessments being in the conversation.

Abstract: For years the security industry has discussed the leap into cloud computing as a paradigm shift. Get ready for another leap, as data platforms are rapidly becoming AI/ML development that requires its own new species of safety validations. This presentation, based on years of field tests, provides a quick intro and practical list for security teams to comfortably engage data science projects.

Presentation Recording:

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