Forget Cyber – What About Radioactive Boars & Other Dangerous Beasts by Brian Contos

Fukushima’s wild radioactive boars rule formerly evacuated towns and are attacking people and eating radioactive food. Wait, what?

Sometimes you just need to put the world’s problems in perspective. Sure Vault7 CIA hacking tools are getting headlines and they should. Who would’ve thought our TVs were watching us?

But the world is full of “stuff” and some of that “stuff” doesn’t get as much media coverage. For example, radioactive boars roaming cities, dining on radioactive food and attacking people seems pretty newsworthy as this video demonstrates.

While we’re on the subject of dangerous animals, let’s not forget squirrels. That’s right – squirrels. There are always headline-grabbing stories about hackers that have taken down the electric grid or held power and energy companies hostage with threats of taking their systems down – especially in places like Mexico and India.

However, squirrels, the cute fuzzy ones with the long curly tails, are responsible for far more power outages than hackers.

And finally, let’s not forget the world’s very first computer bug was, in fact, a real insect – more specifically, it was a moth.

Over 70 years ago, at Harvard University, a moth got trapped between relays on a Mark II Aiken Relay Computer. It was discovered by the iconic Grace Hopper and henceforth we had the term “computer bug.”

I usually talk about cybersecurity and how companies like Verodin can help and there is plenty to talk about. But there’s a big world out there. And that world is apparently full of radioactive boars now.

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