Communicating Security in the Heartland of Minnesota by Brian Contos

Last week Verodin had some enlightening meetings and group dinners with customers in Minnesota. Thanks to the excellent support we received from our partners at Forsythe and Optiv, we were able to get in front of a large number of security executives representing multiple business verticals.

In the Heartland, it’s obvious that Security decision makers are more strategic than ever when investing in solutions. Yes, they want solutions that make them more secure. But they also want solutions that are cost-effective and help manage, measure, and improve overall security effectiveness.

Here are some key findings from my week in Minnesota:

Customers noted that the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) provided them great technical and business value right away. For example, several customers identified areas where SIP augmented and improved their traditional penetration testing efforts.

Verodin SIP:

  • Introduced actionable tuning and improvement far beyond post-assessment reports
  • Linked offensive (red) and defensive (blue) efforts so problems could be solved more efficiently and effectively
  • Supplied continuous results instead of a point-in-time snapshot
  • Improved actual security controls instead of just focusing on vulnerabilities and patches
  • Elevated the effectiveness of people and process, not just technology
  • Helped determine what solutions to retire and where to invest
  • Provided configuration assurance and mitigated defensive regression

Another huge area of concern in security is dollars spent. In general, the dollars invested, plus time and effort, don’t yield security effectiveness. The security executives in Minnesota get that and want something different. Some of the items they pointed out about Verodin SIP were really compelling as it relates to actual dollars.

Verodin SIP:

  • Doesn’t require a dedicated FTE – continuous, automated validation is key
  • Deploys easily and inexpensively, leveraging VMs, cloud, entry level HW, RPMs, ISOs and the like
  • Improves the current realized value of about 25% security effectiveness dramatically and quickly
  • Illustrates what’s wrong, how to fix it, and validates that the fix worked, greatly reducing resource demands
  • Communicates effectiveness trends in a way, technical and non-technical decision makers can leverage for more rapid and informed decision making

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