Cisco and Verodin by Brian Contos

Cisco has been building an increasingly strong partner strategy in security – especially with companies in its investment portfolio.

We had a great meeting with Dave Justice and Cisco’s security leadership team at Cisco’s HQ in San Jose yesterday. Cisco brought in several companies that they’ve invested in across various rounds including Verodin, Exabeam, Flashpoint, Illusive Networks and others.

Cisco’s strategy really gets to the heart of the big problems in security including cost, complexity, and people. Organizations are spending too much on too many solutions thus complicating their security effectiveness in the face of an increasingly complex threat landscape while having fewer security “ninjas” to run it all.

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Cisco is bringing together Cisco services and Cisco products along with Cisco’s vast, integrated partner ecosystem to help address these problems and bring real business value and real security effectiveness to customers. Verodin couldn’t be happier to be part of this vision.

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