SBN Boston and Art Coviello by Brian Contos

I spent the last couple of days in Boston meeting with customers and some industry big thinkers like the former Executive Chairman of RSA, Art Coviello, pictured sitting above. We even ran into a good friend of mine, Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cylance, and former Chief Security and Privacy Officer at Intel. He’s wearing the yellow shirt.

Our team in Boston is going strong and the Northeast, in general, is really embracing the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) value proposition. Organizations just want to know they’re getting value from their security stack and if they’re not, they want to know how to fix it. It’s really that simple.

One of the topics Art and I conversed about was the strong sense of urgency that exists for organizations, even beyond the CISO to include the CEO and Board, to embrace the idea of validating their security effectiveness instead of basing security on assumptions.

According to Art, “If you can’t proactively and continuously measure your effectiveness, you don’t understand your risk.”

I’ll blog about more details from my conversations with Art Covello in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to the Verodin Blog.

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