Black Hat Verodin… Boom! by Brian Contos

This year’s Black Hat Las Vegas was very simply, awe-inspiring. It’s amazing how much Verodin has grown since Black Hat 2016 and that was reflected in the interactions at the Verodin booth.

There were far fewer people asking who Verodin is, and far more people telling us they’ve heard of Verodin, love the strategy, dig the tech, and want to learn more.

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That’s always refreshing for the hard-working folks at the booth that love demonstrating the value Verodin SIP is bringing to so many customers today across financial services, healthcare, technology, critical infrastructure, government and other verticals.

Looking back at this week there were some real highlights: the Verodin Customer Appreciation Partysome team bondingsome great food, and the hundreds of interactions in our briefing suites and at the booth with folks representing offensive security, defensive security, audit, and security leadership.

Now that Black Hat has wrapped up, we’ve headed back to continue building and supporting the security solutions our customers love.

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