Black Hat Las Vegas & Verodin: It Begins by Brian Contos

Black Hat Las Vegas is once more upon us and day one is officially behind us. While Black Hat doesn’t really start until Wednesday, we have so many customer and partner meetings that we had to fly some of the crew in early to start on Monday.

Verodin has a work hard, play hard culture, so we kicked things off with a pretty awesome team celebration. Pictured above is just part of the Verodin crew that you’ll run into at our booth and briefing suites within the Mandalay Bay and of course the Verodin party.

Since only a very small percentage of the Verodin team had cycles to make it out this year, I just want to send a big thanks to the crew back in our offices that are continuing to produce awesome code and content, support our customers, and keep things moving ahead at full speed.

We have some really cool activities in store for folks this year at our booth. We left the marketing at home because we love simply demonstrating exactly what you can do with the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) to prove your security efficacy and automate your configuration assurance. Because we rather show than tell, be sure to request a demo in our booth (#1671), or in one of our private suites, so you can really get a feel for the results Verodin SIP delivers.

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