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SBN 5 Steps to Fix Adminer Vulnerability Exploits (Adminer.php Hack)

Do you use Adminer on your WordPress website? Did you hear about its vulnerabilities? Are you worried that your site could be hacked because of it? Have you ever heard of adminer.php hack?

Adminer, a popular database management tool, is used by hundreds of thousands of websites. But a dangerous vulnerability that can be exploited by hackers was discovered years ago and it still exists! Attackers can abuse the security flaws to hijack your WordPress site.

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The consequences are brutal. When a hacker takes control of your site, they target your customers, steal their information, sell illegal products, to name a few! You could face high financial costs and irreparable damage to your reputation.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix the vulnerability and prevent it. Today, from this article, you’ll learn how to identify and fix the Adminer’s hack and how to take preventive measures against future hack attempts.

TL;DR – To fix a hacked WordPress site due to the Adminer vulnerability, install MalCare. It will scan your website and find any malware present. You can then proceed to auto-cleaning your site. Your site will be restored to normal in a few minutes.

What is Adminer?

Adminer (formerly known as phpMyAdmin) is a tool to manage the content of MySQL databases that was released in 2007.

adminer website

Adminer is a popular database management tool


It is used by developers and site owners to work with databases. It enables users to select their database, edit tables, insert more table rows, along with a host of other functions.

Adminer replaced phpMyAdmin as it brought about drastic improvements in areas of user experience, performance, and security. It also was developed to support more MySQL features.


What are Adminers biggest vulnerabilities?

The first Adminer vulnerability was discovered in version 4.3.1 which had a server-side request forgery vulnerability.

Recently William de Groot tweeted about another vulnerability and how Magecart hackers would be so happy about it:

willem de groot twitter adminer.php hack

Tweet by William de Groot


However, this vulnerability was discovered a long time ago. The vulnerabilities lie in versions below 4.6.3. If you’re using version 4.6.3 and above, Adminer is secure.

Versions 4.6.2 and below contain an application security gap that allows hackers to read files on the server. This can happen if webmasters leave the Adminer scripts publicly accessible while using Adminer.

Let’s go step by step and understand the adminer.phph hack attack vector:

1. Identify Website With the Vulnerability

Hackers first need to find a website using Adminer.php files. This is quite an easy task. Hackers run targeted scans on the internet. What this means is they can search for WordPress sites that use a particular plugin or a theme that they know is vulnerable. In this case, they can search for WordPress sites that use the vulnerable software Adminer.

2. Use Vulnerable Site to Launch Hack Attacks

If a hacker is able to find just one vulnerable website, they can hack it and then use it to find more sites. They install scripts on the compromised website to scan other sites and find publicly accessible Adminer databases. In this way, they are able to find thousands of vulnerable sites.

3. Locate Adminer Files

Next, they launch their attack. A hacker needs to locate the Adminer files. This is usually in the site’s root directory (public_html). These files are usually left with obvious names such as adminer.php or adminer-4.3.1-mysql-en.php. This makes it easy to locate.

Then, the hacker uses the ‘Load Data Local Infile’ statement to access logs and read files. Then, they use these files to run scripts that will connect the site to a database of their own on a remote server.

4. Access Victim Site’s Database

When they establish a connection with their server, they can use a data import request to steal the content of local files such as the wp-config file that stores database credentials. They use these credentials to access the victim’s local database.

This is how an entire website can become compromised due to this vulnerability. Now, a hacker can inject malware, steal sensitive information, steal payment card data, or redirect sites to their own malicious content.

They are also quick to install backdoors on the site which is like their own private entrance. This allows them to hack the same website over and over again as long as the backdoor is present.


Impact of the Adminer.php Vulnerability:

If a website is using a version of Adminer below 4.6.3, then it is at a severe risk of being hacked. This particular hack can exploit multiple vulnerabilities present in Adminer as well as in the WordPress core or plugins and themes. This enables a hacker to gain full control of a website and it’s database. A few of the severe repercussions a compromised site could face are:

1. Loss of Control

In an Adminer attack, a hacker could assign themselves an admin role and lock you out of your WordPress dashboard. You would have no control over getting back into your website unless you employ professional website security services like MalCare (which we’ll discuss in the next section).

2. Data Breach

The Adminer.php hack vulnerability could be used to steal customer information such as personal details, payment information, contact and shipping details, and even preferences. They could use this data to their advantage, carry out fraudulent activities against your customers, or sell the data. Apart from customer data, they also steal sensitive and confidential data of your business.

3. Attacks on Others

If your site is compromised, hackers have malicious scripts that they run on your website to find other vulnerable sites. You’d be the cause of more attacks on other WordPress sites.

4. Google Blacklist

If your site has been compromised and puts your users at risk, Google will be quick to blacklist your website. They rank user experience above all and will take all measures necessary to protect their users. Once you’re blacklisted, you won’t receive traffic to your site. You would need to fix your site and submit it to Google for review to remove the Google blacklist.

5. Web host Suspension

If your site is hacked, it puts your host’s web servers at risk too. It could also affect the performance of other sites they host. Your web host will suspend your account and take your site offline as soon as they notice the hack.

6. Recovery Costs

The cost of recovering from such a hack can skyrocket. You would not only have to spend on cleanups, you might also face legal penalties from your government. Plus, recovering your SEO efforts and restoring your site back to normalcy will also cost you.

Now that you know just how bad the impact of this adminer.php hack vulnerability is, let’s take a closer look at how to fix it.


How to Fix the Adminer Hack Vulnerability

If you’re using Adminer, make sure you’re running the latest version available. Any version below 4.6.3 is vulnerable. You need to update immediately!

When a vulnerability is discovered, developers fix it and release the security patch in a software update. They also release bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features in these updates. So in the future, if you see software updates available, be quick to update it.


How to Fix a Website Hacked through Adminer.php

In attacks launched by exploiting this vulnerability in Adminer, the malicious scripts could be spread across multiple files and your database. Hackers also create fake admin accounts and install fake plugins and backdoors.

Fixing the hack on your own would take days and prove to be ineffective. This is because hackers hide and disguise their malicious code. It becomes very difficult to spot their hacks.

That said, we DO recommend using our security plugin MalCare to clean a hack caused by the Adminer vulnerability. Here’s why:

Why Use MalCare Security Plugin?

    1. It will do a complete and thorough scan of your entire WordPress site. This includes all files and databases. This ensures every inch of your website is checked in a matter of minutes.
    2. It will hunt down any kind of malware present on your site, even if it’s disguised or hidden. The plugin can do this because it smartly analyses the behavior of the code. It checks what kind of activities it performs and flags the malicious ones.
    3. You will be alerted on how many hacked files have been found.
    4. The plugin has an option to Auto-Clean your website. The cleaner will delete and clean up all malware present on your website. It will also get rid of any backdoors created by hackers.
    5. You can update your website directly from the MalCare dashboard.
    6. Your website will be protected from future attacks with a proactive firewall. This will block any known malicious IP addresses and brute forcing hack attempts. The plugin will continue to scan your site regularly and keep your website secure.

Plus the plugin is easy to use and gets the your adminer.php hack removed in under a few minutes!


How to Use the MalCare Security Plugin

Using MalCare on your WordPress site is easy. Follow the steps below:

Note: If you’re locked out of your WordPress site and cannot install the plugin, contact our team or use our emergency clean up services.

1. Install MalCare on your site from the website or the WordPress repository.

2. Add your site to the dashboard.

malcare add site

3. Next, MalCare will automatically run a full security scan. If you’re already a MalCare user, on the dashboard, access Security > Scan Site.

malcare add site and clean adminer.php

4. Once completed, MalCare will display how many hacked files have been found. To clean up your website, click on ‘Auto Clean’.

malcare add site and clean adminer.php hack

5. After the clean up is complete, you’ll be notified. We recommend visiting your website to see that everything is normal. You can run another scan to double-check that it’s completely clean.

After Care for Adminer Hack Attacks

There are a few extra steps you need to take since your database was attacked.

    1. Update Adminer to the latest version.
    2. Change your database password. You can follow your WordPress hosting provider’s instructions on this as it may differ between hosts. Alternatively, you can change it in the wp-config file.
    3. Delete any user accounts that you don’t recognize on your WordPress dashboard.
    4. Delete any plugins or themes that you didn’t install on your site. Look out for a plugin called Super Socialat. It is a fake plugin used by hackers in this attack. We recommend also deleting any plugins and themes that you don’t use.
    5. Reset passwords of all user accounts.
    6. Implement recommended WordPress hardening measures.
    7. Regular penetration testing is a must.

Now your WordPress site should be secure and safe from adminer.php hack!


Conclusion: How to Mitigate Adminer Vulnerability Risks

The Adminer vulnerability shows just how devastating attacks could be launched at hundreds of websites. To avoid these attacks, always keep all your software up to date. Here’s what Adminer recommends:

The Adminer.php attack is only one of the million other attacks that could be launched on your website. It’s time to ramp up the security of your site. With MalCare active on your site, you can rest assured that your site is safe against hackers!


Secure your Website with our MalCare Security Plugin!

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