NuData Now Offers AWS PrivateLink Connection!


NuData’s flagship product suite, NuDetect, has achieved the coveted AWS PrivateLink Ready designation, making NuData’s technology available through AWS PrivateLink and fully supported for AWS customers. This means that any NuDetect client – including NuDetect for ATO, NuDetect for Good User Verification, NuDetect for Automation, NuDetect for Continuous Verification and NuDetect for OAO – can have their traffic sent through the AWS PrivateLink instead of the internet.

This offering is especially useful for companies subject to strict data protection regulations that can’t process their data across the internet but still want to have a strong and real-time user verification process. Using this connection, NuData provides the same level of security identifying users based on their online interactions and stopping all forms of basic and sophisticated attacks.

With the AWS PrivateLik option, companies can still comply with their internal regulations while benefiting from the speed of cloud-based solutions. The use of NuData’s technology over AWS PrivateLink also results in simpler network management with advanced security.

This designation recognizes the NuData technology as fully compatible with AWS PrivateLink. “AWS Service Ready Partners have demonstrated success building products integrated with AWS services, helping AWS customers evaluate and use their technology productively, at scale and varying levels of complexity,” announced Doug Yeum, Head of WW Channel & Alliances at AWS today during the AWS re:Invent Global Partner Summit Keynote. By enabling NuData clients to leverage the NuDetects suite over an AWS PrivateLink connection, our clients access a simplified security experience for data shared with our cloud-based solutions. This works by eliminating the exposure of data to the public internet. NuData with AWS PrivateLink provides private connectivity between Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), AWS services, and solutions built on the AWS cloud.

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By Justin Fox Capps, Director of DevOps Engineering – NuData Platform



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