This is now the third and last blog I will write for State of Security on the topic of the groundbreaking, maverick TV series ‘Mr Robot.’ As this week, the credits rolled one final time on the shows mind bending and utterly bizarre (even by its own standards) conclusion.

A lot has changed since the first season aired, both for cybersecurity and the show itself. Not least in terms of the then lesser known talent of Rami Malek. His compelling if often harrowing depiction of the talented but troubled, paranoiac hacker Elliot Alderson could easily have left him ‘typecast’ in such a role and resigned to some niche status. Malek of course soon proved versatile enough to make himself far better known to millions through his Oscar winning lead role in the Freddie Mercury biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody.’ He is also now set to become one of the most highly anticipated Bond villains ever, in the forthcoming 007 blockbuster ‘No Time to Die.’

Whilst Malek may have reached new heights of stardom and recognition during the time the show has been around, there were plenty equally outstanding character performances in Mr. Robot that shouldn’t be overlooked from Carly Chaikin & Martin Wallström, to name but two. Comparative veteran Christian Slater managed to reinvent himself as both actor and co-producer to rightful critical acclaim. Whilst the engaging appearances of Brooklyn’s own Joey Bada$$ must also be acknowledged as far more than just the usual novelty ‘rapper as actor’ type cameo. It will now be very interesting to see what Sam Esmail the shows creator, executive producer and head writer goes on to achieve in the future. He should certainly be applauded for not only pushing the boundaries of what contemporary TV can be with Mr. Robot but for also (Read more...)