2019: A Year in Review – and a Look Ahead to SecZetta’s Future

2019: A Year in Review – and a Look Ahead to SecZetta’s Future

Putting our investment to use

DAVID PIGNOLET, CEO and Co-founder, SecZetta, Inc.

In 2019, we really moved the needle at SecZetta – from record customer wins, new strategic partnerships and key executive hires to the company’s first ever funding round and the launch of a new SaaS-based solution, it has truly been a year full of unmitigated exhilaration.

As we approach the end of the year, we reflect on and celebrate these milestones. However, we are also looking ahead to the coming year with enthusiasm as we contemplate how this momentum in 2019 will translate into value for our customers and partners in 2020.

Since founding SecZetta in 2006, the company has evolved from a consultancy to a one of a kind solutions provider that recognizes the growing impact of non-employees on an organization’s IGA and risk strategies. Our company’s philosophy around customer value drives a relentless focus on further enriching our solutions with capabilities that address current and anticipate the future customer needs. In the past year alone, we launched our risk scoring platform, added countless configuration options for workflows, upgraded user interfaces, implemented SAML 2.0 support for SSO, added out-of-the box REST and SOAP API actions, improved duplication prevention functionality, and added user delegation.

Moving forward, we will continue to focus our investments on enhancing our solutions suite for non-employee identity risk and lifecycle management with capabilities that facilitate user adoption and business process improvement while at the same time reducing the risk inherent in third-party access.

Key priorities on the 2020 roadmap include:

  • Improving and expanding on our delegation systems.
  • Upgrading and defining a new policy engine
  • Updating the user interface
  • Making our condition logic more intelligent.
  • Creating tools to allow for customers to share and migrate configuration seamlessly from one environment to another.
  • Adding a purpose built reminder and escalation system

2019 has left us inspired by our achievements and energized to roll-out a set of new, innovative initiatives that will amplify the value we deliver to our customers and partners and transform the way organizations manage the access and lifecycle of their growing and increasingly diverse population of third-parties.


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