Newsletter 11/19: Suspend User, Duo MFA, SAML JIT

By Zach DeMeyer Posted November 25, 2019

Welcome to the November edition of your JumpCloud® Newsletter! Within, you’ll find updates like the release of the Suspend User state so you can quickly lock down resource access, expired password reset notifications for macOS® so Mac users never forget to update their password, and more Just-in-Time provisioning for popular SAML connections. You’ll also learn about our partnerships with Duo and Workato to help maximize your ROI with MFA and automation capabilities, respectively.

What’s inside: 

New Product Releases

  • What’s New in the Admin Portal 
  • Suspend User
  • User Portal MFA with Duo Security
  • Expired Password Reset Notification for macOS®
  • Disallow Users from Editing Attributes
  • Policy Updates: Share Your Thoughts!

Coming Soon

  • Provision Users to AD from the Cloud with AD Integration
  • Auto-Provision User Accounts to More Apps with SAML Just-in-Time (JIT)

JumpCloud News and Events

  • Webinar: End-to-End IT Automation with JumpCloud and Workato

As always, find a more technical breakdown of our recent releases in our November release notes.

What’s New in the Admin Portal

JumpCloud’s Admin Portal now gives in-console information on our latest feature releases so you hear about product updates right from where you’re working. Click on the gift box icon to expand the What’s New section to see an up-to-date list of recent releases with links out to additional information if you’d like to learn more.

Suspend User

Admins, you can leverage JumpCloud’s Suspend User feature to off-board or temporarily revoke a user’s resource access while retaining their records.

  • Instant lock down: When a user is suspended, their system access across whichever OS they use (Mac, Windows, or Linux) is immediately locked down so you have a failsafe in the event of a serious issue.
  • Feature behavior: Suspended users can’t reset their password or take any other action to restore access—only Admins can control that. When you unsuspend a user, their resource access is restored.
  • Bulk suspension: Select one or many users to place into a suspended state when you need to govern access to company resources. Suspended users won’t be able to access any JumpCloud-provisioned resources you manage. (Read more...)

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