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How to Address Career Blind Spots and Challenge Assumptions

My family has two cars. Our 2015 Dodge Durango is equipped with many high-tech features, including cameras that detect cars (and other objects) all around the vehicle. When changing lanes, if the turn signal is used, the Durango will beep to alert the driver when another car is present. 

Meanwhile, our 2014 Jeep Patriot has none of these high-tech features. The only ways to see if another car or truck is in a blind spot is to turn your head (the old-fashioned way) and look, or to ask for help from others in the car.  

One driving challenge I have is sometimes forgetting which car I am driving. I will turn my head and look over my right shoulder while driving the Durango. Other times, I will fail to “manually” look for other cars or trucks in my blind spot when driving my Jeep Patriot.

A similar dynamic can happen with our careers. We can forget about our blind spots, or believe that technology can just automatically solve these problems for us.

In 2018, Inc. magazine identified “7 Common Leadership Blind Spots,” which are:

  1. Not addressing problem children
  2. Only hiring or supporting people just like you
  3. Over-investing in managing-up
  4. Holding information too close to the vest
  5. Frequently deciding not to decide
  6. Being out of touch
  7. Falling victim to performance expectation extremes.

Also, Fast Company describes other blind spots that can derail your career. “Five common areas for blind spots are detailed in Cast’s book, The Right—and Wrong—Stuff: How Brilliant Careers Are Made and Unmade:

  1. A me-first attitude that leads to poor listening skills
  2. Micromanaging others, hindering your ability to build and lead a team
  3. Being too comfortable with routines and resisting change
  4. Having narrow perspectives on business that undermine your ability to be strategic
  5. (Read more...)

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