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Automate User Onboarding

By Cassa Niedringhaus Posted November 19, 2019

Onboarding users is a time-consuming task. Through modern solutions, however, IT, admins can automate portions of the process and save time. 

Automation reduces the manual work required to get users connected to the appropriate resources. This includes their Mac®, Linux®, and Windows® systems; AWS® servers; web applications; Samba file servers; and WiFi and VPNs.

Although legacy services historically made the onboarding process easy, Software-as-a-Service and other cloud and non-Microsoft innovations complicated the process.

Fortunately, new options exist to help IT admins streamline onboarding. The benefits of these solutions also extend to end users, who are more likely to remain with a company if they have a good onboarding experience, which includes receiving the proper access to their tools and resources on day one.

Legacy Onboarding Approach

Legacy identity and access management solutions, namely Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD), made it easy to onboard users.

AD allowed IT admins to control access to all Microsoft and on-prem resources with group policies and access permissions, and users then accessed them all by logging into their workstations with their core credentials. As cloud-based, heterogeneous resources proliferated, though, IT admins could no longer tightly control access the same way — and users needed multiple sets of identities to access their resources.

The first problem with this in the modern workplace is that IT admins often need to use a number of supplementary solutions to make AD work for disparate resources. These supplements, or add-ons, extend AD credentials to IT resources such as web applications, servers, non-Windows systems, and more, but the problem remains that they take time and money to finagle.

The second problem with a legacy approach to onboarding is that a number of IT resources fall outside this approach and require manual onboarding. This increases the work for IT admins and incentivizes employees to circumvent IT altogether by creating their own accounts instead. If an IT admin grants an employee automatic access to the resources they need up front, the employee is less inclined to venture out for access on their own.

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