Valimail opens product and engineering innovation office in Denver

Valimail is proud to announce the opening of our new product hub in Denver.

The Valimail “Mountain Office” soft-launched in August, and is fully open for business now with a staff of R&D employees — and more to come.

This office is Valimail’s innovation hub for development of new technology, starting with a new product line that will extend Valimail’s solution to the global email sender identity problem — the world’s largest cybersecurity gap.

In an indication of how committed Valimail is to the new location, our senior technical recruiter, Erica Schneider, is relocating from the company’s San Francisco headquarters to Denver.

Here’s why Valimail — and the Denver office in particular — represent a crucial opportunity to improve the security and trustworthiness of email.

Email lacks a robust, built-in sender identity model, and attackers have been able to exploit that weakness by deploying a wide range of impersonation attacks. You may know these as phishing or business email compromise (BEC), but at their root, more than 80% of them are based on impersonation, aka identity fraud, aka spoofing.

Unfortunately, these attacks work: They get through existing email security solutions, deceive employees of small and large businesses alike, and they have cost companies many billions of dollars in BEC losses and even more billions in ransomware losses over the past few years.

Valimail Denver’s mission is to put an end to that rash of cybercrime. Our first challenge: Continuing to make implementation of email authentication standards even easier and simpler for organizations of all sizes.

Valimail’s Denver staff are primarily in product and engineering roles now, and we plan to double the size of this office through 2020. This office, in Denver’s trendy RiNo Art District, is strategically positioned to tap into the Denver area’s deep security and software expertise, particularly with respect to email technologies.

While our primary focus is engineering and product, we plan on adding additional talents like business development, customer success, as well as others.

In the meantime, as we grow our Mountain Office, please reach out to Erica Schneider to learn about the opportunities we have there. Erica believes in our mission and growth so much that she has chosen to leave one of her favorite cities to ensure the success of the office. Valimail appreciates her dedication to us and our growth!

And just so you know: Valimail raised a $45 million Series C round earlier this year to invest in product innovation, go-to market strategies, and geographic expansion. The company, which was founded in 2015, currently employs about 100 people and has an impressive list of enterprise customers, including Uber, Yelp, Splunk, Fannie Mae, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. And we are a fun place to work with great benefits — come check us out!

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