AD Migration Service

In the cloud era, many IT admins need an Active Directory® (AD) migration service, but not in the way they might expect.

When one hears “AD migration service,” their first thought might be of moving trees into new forests or swapping around objects inside of an existing forest. AD migration service could also allude to migrating to a new Active Directory instance on a new Windows® Server iteration. These processes might be executed through a Microsoft add-on software component or a third-party consultant who will do it for a fee.

The above are examples of AD migration services, but given the current IT landscape, these services might just be perpetuating a larger issue. Some IT admins looking for an AD migration service are thinking more toward a bigger picture: They’re trying to migrate off Active Directory entirely. Thankfully, there is an AD migration service, available from the cloud, that can help IT organizations forego AD altogether.

Why Migrate Off AD?

The average AD instance as we know it is slowly losing its relevance in the cloud era. As it currently stands, AD needs a host of add-ons to properly function for most modern IT organizations. After all, with a cadre of cloud applications and infrastructure in play for many of today’s companies, not to mention all of the Mac® and Linux® workstations lining desks, Active Directory is somewhat ill-equipped.

Simply put, the modern enterprise is no longer limited to using solely Windows and on-prem resources as they were when AD came to be. As such, IT organizations have resorted to employing add-ons, namely web application single sign-on (SSO) solutions, identity bridges, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) tools, to cover their burgeoning identity management needs.

Unfortunately, IT organizations are simply perpetuating their problems by compensating for AD’s weaknesses with these add-on utilities and services. Fortunately, there is an AD migration service available to help IT admins totally shift off AD.

AD Migration Service from the Cloud

By shifting their identity management to a cloud directory service, organizations can centralize their identity management under a single, web-based solution. That (Read more...)

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