Bootcamp training vs. self-paced online training: A comparison for potential students


Bootcamps and Self-Paced Online Training (SPOT) both can be extremely effective learning techniques when studying for certifications. However, when someone is trying to decide how they want to proceed, their decision can boil down to three key factors: time, money and preferred learning style. 

If they’re trying to decide just for themselves, they more than likely are trying to weave in study time around family and work obligations, as opposed to assistance from an organization. In this scenario, then, which one is better? Let’s break them down and see which one could potentially benefit an individual more. 

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Transportation — Pros and cons


When it comes to transportation, it’s important to remember that bootcamps have two distinct states: online and offline. Standard classroom training can be tremendously effective if you benefit from that type of environment — a pre-made lab, a room focused on a single objective and a person physically in front of you explaining the topics. Unfortunately, this also means travelling to the location of the class, which could potentially add a significant expense if the class only happens in a particular location.

Online bootcamps tend to get around this restriction by having a very similar setup, but in a virtual environment. You don’t get the benefit of a physical classroom, but you still get real-time interactions with the instructor and other students asking questions, making this a viable alternative for many.

Self-Paced Online Training (SPOT)

With self-paced training, transportation requirements are pretty much non-existent — you have access to your class wherever you have connectivity. You do miss the ability to have one-on-one real-time communications with the instructor, however, which could potentially be a massive downside.

Comfort — Pros and cons


Standard classroom training bootcamps most of the time have basic rules — (Read more...)

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