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SBN What’s it like being a cybersecurity risk analyst?

John Bree, Neo Group Inc. Senior Vice President and Partner, discusses his risk analyst journey, what a day in the life of a risk analyst looks like and insider tips on how to start out in security risk analytics.

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In the podcast, Bree and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– How did you first get started in risk analytics? How did that phase of your career transition from the previous jobs you had? (1:05)
– When did you start seeing the types of trends that precipitated a move to cybersecurity risk analytics? (2:32)
– What got you interested in becoming a senior-level security risk analyst? What were the major steps along the way and the progression of skill sets to get to this point? (3:27)
– Walk me through your average day as a risk analyst. Where does your work take you? How far into the day before your to-do list goes up in flames as new emergencies mount? Are you able to “turn off” from your position, or are you always on-call? (5:07)
– Is getting an emergency call at 2 a.m. a common part of the job? (7:21)
– What obligations does a risk analyst have to their company? Where does the position stand on the average company hierarchy chart? Who do you report to? (7:55)
– On average, are more risk analysts employed by a single company or is it primarily a freelance/consultancy position by nature? Have you done both? (9:05)
– Is there an advantage or disadvantage to starting as a freelancer? (10:00)
– What do you think are the best/most interesting parts of the job of security risk analyst? What are the most difficult and/or repetitive? (10:47)
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