United States Army Cyber Command Announces Release of DOD Identity Awareness and Protection Management Guide

via the hardest working editor in the Information Security/Cyber Security/Physical Security spaceWilliam Knowles – the Senior Editor of Infosec News, comes an announcement report from the Department of the Army’s U.S. Army Cyber Command in which, the publication of the DoD Identity Awareness and Protection Management Guide has been made generally available for public download.

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“The IAPM Guide is divided into two-page chapters detailing key privacy considerations on the most popular online services, mobile apps, and consumer devices available in the market today. Each chapter provides you with tools, recommendations, and step-by-step guides to implement settings that maximize your security. The guide is updated twice a year, in March and September.” – via William Knowles, Senior Editor of Infosec News and the U.S. Department of Defense’s Department of the Army’s, U.S. Army Cyber Command on the release of the IAPM Guide.

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