Single Sign-On (SSO) Pros & Cons

The single sign-on (SSO) space is heating up the whole identity and access management (IAM) industry. With many vendors, new and old, flooding the scene, IT admins have a lot to consider with regards to SSO. But, while some are evaluating options like Okta vs. OneLogin, savvy IT admins are looking at SSO more holistically, analyzing the overall benefits and risks of SSO before deciding on a vendor. As such, we’ve curated a list detailing some SSO pros and cons to help you make your decision.

What is SSO?

Before we dive right into the pros and cons, though, let’s discuss SSO at a high level. Single sign-on, which can also be classified under the umbrella of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) by industry analysts, generally uses the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) protocol to verify access to service providers via a core identity provider. These service providers are most often applications delivered “as-a-Service” from the web.

The Pros of SSO

  • Simplifies password management: A core benefit of SSO is that, as a solution, SSO eliminates much of the tedium of managing user passwords. Ultimately, with SSO, IT admins only need to make sure their users are being managed at the identity provider (IdP) level with their directory service.
  • Increases admin control: With SSO, IT admins can have better visibility as to what apps their end users are using, meaning fewer chances for shadow IT and other potential risk factors flying under the radar.
  • Increases speed for critical log in processes: The average employee spends 36 minutes a month solely entering passwords. While it may seem insignificant, when password entry stands in the way of split-second action, as needed in fields such as healthcare or law enforcement, SSO ensures instant access.
  • Reduces security risks: SSO eliminates the need for multiple passwords, meaning fewer attack vectors as a whole for bad actors. This means less risk for your affiliates (partners and customers) as well as your organization.
  • Reduces password fatigue: Password fatigue can drive even the most vigilant employee towards complacency. Eliminating password-based log ins with SSO tackles the heart of (Read more...)

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