macOS® Catalina™ Okta® Integration

We are now around halfway between the announcement of macOS® 10.15, Catalina™, and its upcoming release in the fall. IT admins everywhere have been experimenting with the beta version of Catalina, but until the OS actually ships, it’s hard to be exactly sure what to expect from the new offering from Apple®. What we can be fairly certain of, however, is the probability of SAML authentication in Catalina. Thus, IT admins are curious about macOS Catalina Okta® integration.

Why Okta Integration?

Okta is one of the top web application single sign-on (SSO) solutions on the market today. Like most other SSO tools, Okta relies on the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) protocol for authenticating user access to said web apps. Often, IT admins use Okta on top of on-prem identity providers (IdPs), such as Microsoft® Active Directory® or an LDAP server, in order to connect their on-prem identities to the cloud.

For the most part, Okta has stayed solely within the SSO space. While they’ve tried their hand at multi-factor authentication (MFA) and privileged access management (PAM), it seems they’re not straying into other identity management fields like system management (and deep system level user management). With that in mind, it’s curious to wonder how Okta and macOS Catalina will integrate.

macOS Catalina Okta Integration

Given the addition of SAML authentication with macOS Catalina, will Okta be able to serve as the source of authentication for macOS machines? While no official announcements have been made, it would seem that Okta will be able to do the narrow function of authentication. Apple has also announced that mobile device management (MDM) tools may also be granted the ability to manage some identity-related functions.

Unfortunately, at the current moment, it is just too unclear to make any hard and fast judgements on the matter. What is clear, however, is that the challenge of identity management for IT admins goes far beyond just authenticating access. 

The Identity Management Problem

IT admins need to have the ability to provision, deprovision, and manage permissions for access across (Read more...)

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